Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, in short, the set of techniques you can use to get your website ranked in organic, as opposed to paid, search results. Using video can be a great way to get your page ranked higher. SEO is highly dogmatic, so we’re just covering the basics here.

Why Is Video SEO Important?

For SEO, Google gives a lot of credit to a video: it’s harder to make, more information-dense, and less common than plain text pages. However, on its own, a video is difficult for the search goblins to recognize and categorize, which is where video sitemaps come into play. You can add video sitemaps using Wistia, or create your own for self-hosted videos. Video SEO can also improve your domain ranking, which improves all domain efforts, but increasing links, sharing, and user engagement.

Video SEO And Youtube

We’ll touch on this more deeply at a later time, but the biggest disadvantage of using external hosting like YouTube for video SEO is that the benefits all go to their domain rather than yours. If you’re taking the time to make great content, why not get the benefits on your own website? As we like to say at Unleashed Productions, make fantastic content of your stuff that your viewers, fans and potential customers will want to see and share.