VegfestLA, Video content for non-profits

We love producing video content for non-profits like VegFest Los Angeles. An incredible organization doing incredible things. VegFest Los Angeles is a free annual vegan food and music outdoor festival produced by a local nonprofit organization- Towards Freedom.

We created this highlight, marketing video as part of the festival marketing campaign. Towards Freedom the non-profit behind VegfestLA asked us to come up with a concept. We did our research and found that the people that come to this festival are interested in meeting the change makers in the ethical/ plant based /vegan community. It is a chance to hang out and meet the vegan celebrities and heroes. Big changes happened behind the scenes of this festival. This year they changed the name from Worldfest to VegfestLA and decided to make the festival free for all. It was a risk, but one worth taking. The result was a line almost a mile long waiting for doors to open at 11 am. It was their most successful year yet and plan to make these changes permanent.

Vegfest LA is held at Woodley Park, California and has an amazing vegan marketplace and international food court. This fun green-powered festival inspires on important topics of healthy living, the environment, animals, and more.  It is free and everyone is welcome! We are a happy vegan creative agency and video production house all in one, we love working with sustainable, do-good companies.

Bragging rights: We have been awarded best of video production company in Los Angeles 2 years in a row. We have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento CA.

A few stills from the video:

Unleashed Productions vegfestla 2016 drive

Worldfest 2016.00_00_10_02.Still008

Worldfest 2016.00_00_02_12.Still009

Worldfest 2016.00_00_52_23.Still004