KickStarter Video Project – Treasure Hunt

We worked with non-profit Math and Coding to create their second Kickstarter project, called Treasure Hunt. This small non-profit run by 3 high schoolers, didn’t have much funding, but that didn’t stop us from working together. Apart from just doing the kickstarter video production, we like to do market research and what we found we shared with them. They immediately implemented our findings and ideas to improve the game. We love it when non-profits are entrepreneurial, able to shift and be nimble.

Treasure Hunt is a family board game that teaches kids strategy, cooperation, and critical thinking while they are having fun playing a challenging and exciting board game. This game is easy to grasp for children as young as five years old. It’s the game that the kids love and the adults always secretly want to play!

Fueled by their success with the codingFarmers board game, which we also produced, they designed a ‘Coding is Good’ Python card game for middle school children. This complements their online Python coding class. Python is a very popular programming language for beginners. It has gained momentum recently as a simple language for those who haven’t coded before.

About their non-profit – math and coding: Nikhil Cheerla and Vineet Kosaraju were chosen to receive the  Volunteer of the Year Award, 2016 by the San Jose Public Libraries Instruction and Programming Services Department. San Jose Public Library System is the largest public library system in the Bay Area with 21 libraries. Nikhil, Vineet and their team organized over 30 coding workshops (about 120 sessions)  across many of the San Jose libraries. This award is given to only one individual every year. This time, the library staff have made an exception and have chosen both Vineet and Nikhil to receive this award for their exceptional contributions to bringing many coding workshops to the library system and the community.

Looking forward to seeing what these kids will do next.