Medical Marijuana

On May 1st, after operating for over 12 years without incident and with full local support, the Federal Government forced medical marijuana facility, Berkeley Patients Group, to close its doors by threatening its landlord with property forfeiture and decades in prison. Now severely ill patients are displaced with no where to go.

DocuThesis asked us to create a short documentary for BPG’s campaign. Today BPG (Berkeley Patients Group) has re-opened its doors not too far from their old location. Hooray for positive change.

Berkeley Patients Group is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary organized to serve patients in the Greater Berkeley area. They provide safe and affordable access to a wide variety of medical cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and extracts. Established in 1999, BPG is California’s longest continuously operating dispensary and a respected leader in the medical cannabis industry.

In addition to medical cannabis, BPG has provided free life-enhancing services to its patients, including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, support groups, peer counseling, educational events, legal assistance, and end-of-life palliative care. BPG’s philosophy of putting patients before all else compels them to be a philanthropic force in the Berkely community. In addition to providing free medicine and ancillary wellness services to their patients in need, BPG is a regular contributor to a variety of social causes and organizations that work to improve the lives of our patients and the community-at-large