Dog Food Commercial

Producing this dog food commercial was as much challenging as it was fun and it is one of our most favorite videos we have produced. Pet Botanics and the parent company, Cardinal Pet gave us free reins (creative freedom) and we loved it. So we created an 8 dog acapella group that sings about the dog food. Cardinal Pet hired us because we are as passionate about the environment and maybe even more than they are. We at Unleashed Productions are an ethical eco video production company. This means we do everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint and promote doing good. We take pride in the food we serve on our sets and the way we run an ethical video production shoot. On this set we served organic vegan locally sourced food for everyone, by chef Rawsheed, had a solar-powered charging station by Goal Zero, dishes by devoted pet rescuer Dylan Kyndall, Kombucha by Kombucha Dog that advocates shelter dog adoption, music composition by dog lover Justus Dobrin and  animal actors by non-profit organization that rescues animals Second Hand Souls Rescue. We take serious pride about being authentic.

The BotaniFits band is a group of 8 California rescue dogs all saved and trained by Second Hand Souls Rescue. Each dog represents a different BotaniFit in both appearance and attitude. Like every band of musicians, they face long hours in the recording studio, high-energy video shoots and the stress of touring. But this band eats a healthy grain-free diet so they’re strong and energized and ready to face the spotlight.

Second-hand souls rescue could really use your castoff towels/blankets and pet beds! Please consider them if you have any of these items; dog kennels, pet beds, cat trees, collars, leashes etc. PM or call 951-529-7766 for pickup. Give love and be a good lead, crazy good things will happen.

the botanifits


Asher with treat 1

Bella - The Botanifits

Eddie 1

Eva 2

Kim 5

Tia & Kim 1

Tia 15

Virginia 6

Shira Lane Director and Producer

Behind the scenes - The Botanifits dog music video

The Botanifits dog music videoVideo

Unleashed Productions behind the scenes Pet Botanics

The Botanifits behind the scenes

Behind the scenes Botanifits music video

behind the scnenes of Pet Botanics music video