A six-year-old will tell you that marketing with video drives impressive results, but doing it right is another matter. Using a professional online video production company in Los Angeles, San Francisco or in your local market, will help a website generate 157% more web traffic, 105% more time on site and 100% increase in conversion rates. Everyone knows they need video but don’t know the best practices to extract the most ROI out of their video content. How to do video right is the perfect question to ask. Most marketing teams will find it hard to support the increased demands of successful video marketing and ask an online video production company, for guidance. We recommend local because your online video production company should know the local or specific target market well and also it makes it easier to grab a coffee or kombucha and get to know each other – much more fun.

A few tips:

YouTube is not the best when it comes to video distribution. Brightcove and Ooyala are the two mega players in the arena of cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected devices. Wistia is a smaller younger player with really cool analytic gizmos. All three offer a full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing video across devices.

Brightcove looked for an online video production company in Los Angeles to create three videos that take a look at the challenges and opportunities of video marketing and contracted with Unleashed Productions to realize make them. If you are new to this then watch all three. If you have your toes wet and your hands on the reins, just watch the third video.

1.  The top five most common questions about video marketing.
2.  The unforeseen challenges of a Youtube only and/or DIY video strategy.
3.  How to get video marketing results.

When you get a great video from an online video production company in Los Angeles like us (or series – will post about that later), you should have a rockstar idea of how you are going to make the most of it, allow time for A/B testing, plan the distribution of the video and monitor the stats (analytics).

If this is all overwhelming, remember we love you and you can always call us.
We will help you figure out all the mumbo jumbo.

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