webinarThe act of business is inherently social, yet there are many benefits to becoming a true social business that is more collaborative, driven by dialogue, and market-aware. Leading organizations are placing more emphasis on connecting people with each other and with their data in a secure, compliant environment in order to drive collaboration.

Where are innovative companies focusing their social investments in 2014 to make this vision a reality? And how are organizations empowering teams to fuel productivity through open, transparent dialogues and the sharing of content in a safe, compliant way?

In Fuel the Speed of Innovation: Employing Social Strategies to Build a Collaborative Business—Part One of our three-part webcast series—we’ll chart the path to becoming a social business. You’ll discover the latest thinking around social business trends, hear what the experts are saying, and learn how to empower your employees to drive improvements, insights, and innovation.

You’ll learn how to make social business a reality for your organization by:

Thinking of social maturity as a state model rather than a linear path
Leveraging local ‘actors and evangelists’ to focus investments and fit them to differing roles and cultures
Looking at the shortest path to connect people to experts and information, encourage sharing and creating dialogues to deliver more insights to more users.