Brands across every vertical are scrambling to make up ground and develop and implement digital marketing strategies. While some brands scored huge early wins and established themselves as digital leaders, most marketers are still searching for how social channels can work for their companies and how they fit with the rest of their media and marketing mix. Yet more often than not, social media is still largely misunderstood, with brands and organisations not yet fully tapping into the wealth of insight, knowledge, and engagement the now not so new channel can provide.

As companies develop their social identities and experiment more with new media platforms, they will quickly understand that social media and relevant content including engaging video content are vital signs of life for a brand or company. Marketers cannot afford to leverage the same thinking and strategies to develop social media campaigns in the same manner that traditional and online advertising campaigns have been created, deployed, and measured. I would even go a step further and remove the word campaign… Social Media Marketing is constant, ever growing and maturing.

“Social is the biggest, most dynamic part of marketing,” says Drew Panayiotou, Senior Vice President of US Marketing for Best Buy. “It’s becoming critical, from how you connect with consumers to how you drive commerce to how you drive relationships in the moment.”

Creating constant video content that resonates with your target consumer, informs them on matters of interest or helps them work better with your brand product will create a sense of trust and admiration from your consumer and that is priceless.