History of the organization documentary

Power Inn Alliance is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a Breakfast, highlighting their past, present, and future. Unleashed Productions produced this short documentary to be shown during their annual state of the non-profit event that happens to be their 25th anniversary. History of the organization documentary – humble beginnings.

Power Inn Alliance was founded in 1993, by Darrell Steinberg who was at the time City of Sacramento Council member of District 6, currently serving as Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Dain Domich and Trong Nguyen with the help of Wendy Hoyt. Here is the story of how it began and what it is today.

Power Inn Alliance creates and strengthens the physical, business and economic conditions of the Power Inn community.  This is achieved through a collaborative approach to advocacy, beautification, civic partnership, security, transportation, marketing, and communication.

Power Inn Alliance is the property-based business improvement district (PBID), created in 2006 to “Advocate for business, transportation, and community”.  The district is located in the southeastern quadrant of the city of Sacramento and is home to over 10,000 businesses which creates over 29,000 direct jobs and produces over $3.2 billion in annual economic output.  It serves as the city’s manufacturing core with over 62% of the city’s manufacturing base taking place in the 6.2-mile area*.  It is also home to the future Sacramento Center for Innovation.

Primary Tenets and Programs Include:

Advocacy: Speaking out on business and neighborhood issues before key government agencies and commissions.

Community: Hosting various meetings, forums, and events, such as the annual Awards Luncheon, to give members opportunities to expand their network of contacts and connect them with political leaders.

Safety: Educating members on how to reduce property crime and code violations.

Transportation: Providing members and residents with environmental-friendly alternatives to getting around. The Alliance partners with transportation agencies, such as (SACOG) to make recommendations for safer street and pedestrian pathways.

Economy: Attracting new business and industries with the goal of increasing jobs and accelerating the economic base, as well as retaining and growing existing businesses.

Beautification: Spending $120,000 annually to clean up trash and discarded junk including an occasional abandoned automobile. Look for the Clean-up Crew daily covering the Power Inn area in their bright blue truck.

Planning and Zoning Oversight: Collaborating with the city and county on permitting, sign ordinance, code enforcement, and related issue.

The Power Inn Alliance is a nonprofit business organization – 501(c)6


Unleashed Productions is a creative agency and also a media / film production company in Northern California