How to Use a Documentary to Increase Awareness

How to Use a Documentary to Increase Awareness

Get Your Story Out: How to Use a Documentary to Increase Awareness

Think back to a time when you saw a video that created a visceral reaction — a news story of the horrors of war, a comedic take on a current issue, a beautiful landscape panorama. These visuals impact you, but more than that, they linger with you and create a strong connection. Video marketing for non-profits is an incredibly powerful medium and one that only continues to expand. Sometimes explaining what you do is complicated, and a pamphlet simply won’t cut it. A brief commercial or documentary succinctly and memorably lays out exactly what you’re about in an accessible (and even sometimes entertaining) way, but how to use a documentary to increase awareness? read more

How much does it cost to make a video?

How much does it cost to make a video

How much does it cost to make a video?

This is probably the most common question we get. How much does it cost to make a video is like asking how much does it cost to build a house? It is hard to answer because of the many factors that go into building a house, mainly: location, size, and materials. Is it going to be in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles or New York City? Will it be a tiny house or a seven-bedroom mansion? What would you like to build it out of? Answering these three big questions will help determine how much a house will cost. Similar questions apply when talking about creating a video, documentary or film, just the context is a bit different. Calculating costs to produce a video, mostly depend on the following three things: The length of the project, type of video to be created, and craftsmanship. read more

Big mistake to avoid when working with a creative agency

how to work with a creative agency

After creating video content for brands, companies, and non-profits for the past 10 years, I have come across a number of common mistakes that really need to be addressed in order to maximize a company’s ROI, particularly when working with a creative agency or video production company. Let me start with the first mistake in the chain, which is really one of the biggest and most common. It is such a fundamental issue that it surprises me how frequently it happens and this is something that should be considered with every aspect of marketing, not just video or commercial production. This fundamental mistake is (drum roll please…) giving zero thought to the audience they are targeting. How to work with a creative agency. read more

Awarded Best Video Production in Los Angeles

Best Video Production in Los Angeles

Unleashed Productions has been nominated by Thumbtack  again as Best Video Production in Los Angeles.

Congratulations again to Unleashed Productions,

Your service, Unleashed Productions, is ranked as one of Thumbtack’s Best of 2015 in the Video Recording Services category as a result of your great customer reviews. This is a terrific vote of confidence from your customers in the past year—and a great way to stand out this year. We’re proud to prominently feature your business on this page of our website. read more

Connected Content Combining UGC and Owned Content

content cloud graphic

What is “connected content?” We are witnessing a shift in the way marketing organizations are creating customer value through their content, via promotional video production and many other avenues. If harnessed properly, a single piece of content, connected to relevant publishing, CRM and analytics tools, can have unprecedented impact across the Enterprise.

From 1-to-many brand campaigns to 1-to-1 communications, the most innovative companies today are successfully extending their content strategies beyond traditional brand and social channels and into the heartbeat of communications with customers across all Enterprise channels via promotional video production. read more

Video Distribution Strategy

Video Distribution strategy & Where to Host video


Video Distribution strategy is the the upmost important part of marketing your video, apart from having a video that looks and sounds and hits your target markets, you must know where and how you are going to get eyeballs onto your beautiful shiny new video. Deciding what platform to host your video, (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Ooyala, BrightCove, Vidyard) and what your video distribution plan will look like, should be diligently thought out carefully and planned.

We at Unleashed Productions can create the most amazing video, one that has potential to go viral, but unless there is a solid distribution strategy with a road map of where and how to link and direct traffic then it will just sit, and we would get so sad that we worked so hard to make it beautiful for it to sit there with old China dishes. Definitely not something anyone wants. To my beloved marketing executives; CMO’s Marketing managers and others, here are things to think about before and while your amazing video is being produced. read more

Successful Video Marketing

online video production company in los angeles - successful video marketing

A six-year-old will tell you that marketing with video drives impressive results, but doing it right is another matter. Using a professional online video production company in Los Angeles, San Francisco or in your local market, will help a website generate 157% more web traffic, 105% more time on site and 100% increase in conversion rates. Everyone knows they need video but don’t know the best practices to extract the most ROI out of their video content. How to do video right is the perfect question to ask. Most marketing teams will find it hard to support the increased demands of successful video marketing and ask an online video production company, for guidance. We recommend local because your online video production company should know the local or specific target market well and also it makes it easier to grab a coffee or kombucha and get to know each other – much more fun. read more

3 Questions to Ask to Avoid a Data Breach + Infographic

It’s incumbent upon companies that store and access private consumer data to protect it from malicious use. The costs of data breaches are high. Moreover, the companies that proactively protect customer data and use it to create personalized experiences will enjoy increased long-term revenue, reduced risk to brand equity, and decreased operating costs. Check out UnboundID’s new info-graphic to see why consumer identity data is both an asset and a liability, and three things you can do to avoid a data breach before it’s too late! read more

Weird Al’s unique distribution strategy

In searching for a way to remain relevant as a parody artist in 2014, Weird Al may have stumbled onto something much bigger. He has evolved Beyonce’s visual album into something more adaptable, and those who pay attention can reap for the benefits. Let’s break Weird Al’s strategy into three elements – Building awareness, Supplementing cost, Reframing the album.

When it came time for Weird Al to release Mandatory Fun, his 14th (and perhaps final) studio album, he was well aware the double-edged effect YouTube had on his popularity. The challenge for me is in finding new ways to be funny,” he said in a Reddit IAMA, “as well as finding ways to differentiate myself from the millions of other people now doing parody videos on YouTube.” That approach led him to #8videos8days, which has proved an effective approach. Just a week after its release, Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” already has close to ten million views. It will certainly eclipse “Perform This Way” soon. read more

Top 5 Mistakes in Video Marketing Strategy

Brightcove is a video hosting platform for marketers that want more control over their assets than Youtube and Courtney Pierce on April 11, 2014 created an interesting post that I am reposting here.

It’s safe to say that the majority of marketers today understand why they should be thinking about content marketing – but many still struggle with how they should be executing it. Creating content that engages your customers at the right time with the right offer is a challenge. Great content marketing doesn’t just include the written word, video is a rich and meaningful part of this strategy. read more

Marketing Software Companies

947 Marketing Software Companies

In a recent survey to more than 2,500 digital marketing executives, ExactTarget inquired about budgets, priorities, channels, metrics and strategies for marketing software companies. The survey found that the two top priorities in 2014 are driving increased conversion rates (47%) and increasing and improving brand awareness (46%).

Why? Well, historically if a brand wanted to reach its customers, they had stores or a salesperson to communicate with the customer directly. But today, more than 70% of the customer journey takes place by self-directed buyers before they ever engage with a human. Content has become the first sales call, and so it’s no surprise that marketers are focused on optimizing how they can use content to drive conversions and increase awareness. read more

Free Webinar: Social Strategies to Build a Collaborative Business

webinarThe act of business is inherently social, yet there are many benefits to becoming a true social business that is more collaborative, driven by dialogue, and market-aware. Leading organizations are placing more emphasis on connecting people with each other and with their data in a secure, compliant environment in order to drive collaboration.

Where are innovative companies focusing their social investments in 2014 to make this vision a reality? And how are organizations empowering teams to fuel productivity through open, transparent dialogues and the sharing of content in a safe, compliant way? read more

Free Webinar for CMO’s and Marketers

According to a Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs survey, 73% of marketers are using video as part of their content marketing strategy. More than ever marketers are using video to capture, engage and convert site visitors as a way to accelerate the sales cycle.

Join Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute, Ann Handley of MarketingProfs and Steve Rotter from Brightcove for an executive roundtable discussion on how marketers can maximize the ROI of their content marketing strategy in 2014. They will also discuss the results from the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report. read more

River Alexander

Actor Reel

River was 5 years old when he was introduced to theatre and saw the Broadway touring company of ‘Annie’ perform in West Palm Beach Florida. His immediate love of theatre was an indication that he would be determined to be on stage one day. This is River Alexander’s acting reel put together by Unleashed Productions.

At 8 years old, River got his start in community theatre in Florida. By age 10, he desired to try for larger, more professional shows. He started auditioning in New York City and soon afterwards he was cast in the Off-Broadway and Broadway musical ‘Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson’. He went on to land roles in Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre ‘A Christmas Story, the Musical’, as well as the Broadway National Tour of ‘Billy Elliot’.
When his run in these shows ended, River moved to Los Angeles to begin TV/film. We were asked to create a few videos showing what River has done in just a few month of being in Los Angeles. Apart from River Alexander’s acting reel, Shira Lane with Unleashed Productions produced this little piece on ‘Anything Goes’ to highlight his amazing talent in tap dancing. We look forward to watching his career grow. read more

Best Videographer in Los Angeles

Commercial production company in Los Angeles Awarded Best Videographer

As a commercial production company in Los Angeles it is with great honor, to announce that I received the prestigious title by Thumbtack of being the best videographer in Los Angeles. We were nominated by client reviews and awarded the title of top ten videographers (Top 10 videographers in Los Angeles) to turn to, for creative and out of box videos.

Unleashed Productions is a B2B commercial production company in Los Angeles. We work with high profile companies, brands, festivals, non-profits, small businesses, start-ups and artists. Sorry we do not do weddings, bar-mitzvahs or funerals, but Congratulations, Mazal-Tov, and very sorry for your loss if that is you. read more

Halloween Party Video Invite

Creating a concept and video in under 3 days.

Worldfest (now known as VegFest) needed a video created very last minute to help promote their Halloween fundraiser event. Though we are not a nonprofit marketing company, we as a marketing company for nonprofits had 3 days to come up with something! Here is the result. Hope your halloween was spooky as hell!!

What was Worldfest is now VegFest. Vegfest Los Angeles, is a nonprofit  annual vegan festival. Held in beautiful Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley, this fun green-powered festival will inspire you about important topics such as: healthy living, the environment, animals, and more.  Everyone is welcome! Though we are not a nonprofit marketing company, we as a marketing company for nonprofits had a ton of fun! read more

Kiss My Astrik

CD release Party of the Album FLOWERS with Lisa Ritner, Keith Horn, Jake Chapman, Dave Hill and Jeff Novack. This Live performance video was filmed at the M bar in Hollywood and turned into a music video for one of the songs – KISS MY ASTERIK.
Lisa Ritner is a Saxophonist, Singer and performing Artist.

NASA is responsible for clean up

The Santa Susana Field Laboratory overlooks Simi Valley and the western San Fernando Valley and for half a century sloppy environmental practices and numerous accidents contaminated the site with radioactivity like plutonium and strontium and hazardous chemicals like dioxins, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), perchlorate and trichloroethylene.

NASA, the Department of Energy and the Boeing Company each control part of the land. In 2010, NASA and DOE signed agreements with California pledging to clean up all their contamination, returning the site to its condition before they polluted it. read more

EPA is being sold out – Put your foot & signature down.

EPA is supposed to protect the environment – but this does not seem to be the case. Many articles have been highlighting how the Obama Fracking rules are cause for concern. The Hulk actor, Mark Ruffalo, and many artists and activists are working to educate the public and asking the community to join the fight. We are supporting Ruffalo’s effort and encourage you to learn more. Read more on the article New York Times or Washington Post or on Associate press.

From Mark Ruffalo:
“When I’m not playing a superhero, I do my best to help out the real superheroes who are fighting to keep our water clean. These heroes are the everyday Americans who have stepped up to expose the oil and gas industry’s toxic drilling and fracking operations that are poisoning water supplies across our country. Today we need your help in urging new EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and President Obama to reopen the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) critical fracking-related water contamination investigations in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Texas, and to provide residents with safe drinking water.
I first got involved in the fracking fight years ago when I traveled to Dimock, Pennsylvania, to meet families who were suffering serious health impacts from using water contaminated from fracking operations. I met many people whose children and pets were suffering from skin lesions, hair loss, projectile vomiting, severe headaches, dizziness, and pain throughout their bodies — and they could light their tap water on fire! After having this first-hand experience, I joined the fight to get the truth out about this nightmare happening to my neighbors. When the going got rough, a group of concerned citizens and I stepped in to help these people get safe drinking water. Thankfully, the EPA came to the rescue and delivered families water while conducting an investigation. But when the EPA abruptly closed the case, stopped water deliveries to the residents and deemed the water safe to drink, we knew something was wrong.
Thanks to EPA whistleblowers, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that the fracking investigation in Dimock, PA, was shut down despite evidence from EPA’s water tests showing that Dimock’s drinking water was severely impacted by fracking. The LA Times reported that EPA staff warned senior EPA officials that water tests revealed the drinking water was contaminated in a number of homes in Dimock, PA. Instead of continuing the investigation, EPA closed the case. Since that time, many residents have not had access to safe drinking water.
The EPA has also shut down investigations in Wyoming and Texas. Early results of all three investigations showed that the EPA had evidence linking gas drilling and fracking operations to groundwater contamination, yet instead of protecting people in these areas, the EPA ignored its own scientific data and abandoned the investigations.
It’s time for the EPA to do its job and protect the drinking water of the American people from toxic fracking. Join me in calling on the new EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and President Barack Obama to reopen the EPA investigations in Dimock, Pennsylvania, Pavillion, Wyoming and Weatherford, Texas and provide safe drinking water to the residents of those communities during these investigations.
We will deliver your petition to EPA Headquarters in Washington DC on Wednesday, September 25th.” read more

Al Party – Korean Party Scene

Event Video Production – Get the Party

Al-Party is a Los Angeles K-town premium party brand, making evolutionary change to Los Angeles Entertainment. We were asked by Al-Party to create a short video covering their Kakaoo Party. We learned that Koreans party hard, really hard.


Here is a link to their website –

20130817 AL Party 01001904

CrossFit Games 2013

The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth™. They are world-renowned as a grueling test for the world’s toughest athletes and a thrilling experience for spectators. Since its inception in 2007, the CrossFit Games have become “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” according to Forbes.
The goal is to find the fittest athletes, not to produce an easily replicable workout program.
Interest in this sport continues to explode, along with the size of the CrossFit community. Last year at this time, there were just more than 3,400 affiliates. Today, we are about to surpass 7,000. 2013 promises to be a landmark year for the CrossFit Games. read more


It is rare that I watch fiction movies and even more so that I like one enough that I would want to share. I am not one of flattery and have been called a few names for being maybe a little too critical, but I love what I do, I love the art of it and when someone takes the time to make something amazing., it is worth taking the time to applaud it. Enjoy
An underhanded company man is offered assistance by a secret organization that immerses him in forces beyond his control.

THE CANDIDATE from David Karlak on Vimeo. read more

Espy Award Party 2013

An ESPY Award is an accolade presented by the American cable television network ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the calendar year preceding a given annual ceremony.From their inception to 2004, ESPY Award winners were chosen only through voting by fans. Since 2004, sportswriters, broadcasters, sports executives, and sportspersons, collectively experts; or ESPN personalities also vote. Award winners have been selected thereafter exclusively through online fan balloting conducted from amongst candidates selected by the ESPY Select Nominating Committee. read more

E3 Gaming – Xzibit 2013

Monster Cable has designed a headphone specifically for the hard core gamers that want every advantage they can possibly get. Monster partnered with EA and created the MVP EA headphones, also known as the best gaming headphones ever! E3 an Electronic Entertainment Expo that yearly puts on quite a show at the Los Angeles Convention center with all the newest games coming out the following quarter or year, was where Xzibit, known for his large love for first person shooter games, toured the E3 floor showing what is hot and what is not in the gaming industry. We created this video within 2 days, making sure that it could be shared while the convention was still happening and the event was still trending among social media conversations. read more

Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival

vegan festival picture

Vegan Festival Fun

Saturday afternoons were meant to be with good food and drink. We had the luxury of spending the afternoon with some of LA’s finest food and crafted beers, but more importantly with a bunch of fun people and good music. We had the  opportunity to sample vegan brews from more than 15 breweries and vegan eats from a variety of LA-area restaurants and food trucks. You might think that all beer — being principally brewed with grain, yeast, and hops — is vegan, but the truth is brewers have long turned to animal products to help produce a superior beer. read more

WordFest Commercial

Vegan Festival Commercial


Wordlfest a solar powered food and music vegan festival, sent over to us a bunch of video content from an array of videographers and asked if we could do a 30 second vegan festival commercial out of it. We were given free range on creative and came up with this video within 3 days. Shown on Time Warner Cable. Superfast.

This is from the festival website:
“The WorldFest 2013 Earth Day Festival will be held at the beautiful outdoor setting of Woodley Park in Lake Balboa, CA. We welcome our attendees to a magnificent day filled with entertainment, education and enlightenment. The combination of great music, empowering speakers, environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare non-profits, kids’ activities and a delicious food court make for an earth-friendly experience that is sure to be inspiring and enjoyable for all.” read more

What Is Video Seo?

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, in short, the set of techniques you can use to get your website ranked in organic, as opposed to paid, search results. Using video can be a great way to get your page ranked higher. SEO is highly dogmatic, so we’re just covering the basics here.

Why Is Video SEO Important?

For SEO, Google gives a lot of credit to a video: it’s harder to make, more information-dense, and less common than plain text pages. However, on its own, a video is difficult for the search goblins to recognize and categorize, which is where video sitemaps come into play. You can add video sitemaps using Wistia, or create your own for self-hosted videos. Video SEO can also improve your domain ranking, which improves all domain efforts, but increasing links, sharing, and user engagement. read more

CES News Marathon

We are creating a news program that will stream around the clock on the floor of CES 2013. This will make our 24 hour video turn around look like something from the dinosaur age. The sponsor is the Amazing Monster of course.
This is the first video to kick off the 60 videos we will be creating for Monster Products covering CES 2013.

Ultra HD TVs or what the pros call 4k

Ultra HD sets (known in theatrical world as 4k), which double the horizontal and vertical resolution of a 1080p HD set so there are four times as many pixels, will be shown by several brands at CES this year.
We are interested also in cameras that shoot 4k. These 4k screens – the real difference is seen only on larger screens like 84-inch sets.

Dream a little dream for me.
Image courtesy of Digital

Quad HD Tv

2013 Sundance Film Festival Documentary films announced

Want to know which documentaries are going to be at Sundance this January. Here they are – the lucky bastards. Congratulations !!!!

ANITA / U.S.A. (Director: Freida Mock) — Anita Hill, an African-American woman, charges Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas with sexual harassment in explosive Senate hearings in 1991 — bringing sexual politics into the national consciousness and fueling 20 years of international debate on the issues.

THE CRASH REEL / U.S.A. (Director: Lucy Walker) — The jaw-dropping story of one unforgettable athlete, Kevin Pearce; one eye-popping sport, snowboarding; and one explosive issue, traumatic brain injury. An epic rivalry between Kevin and Shaun White culminates in a life-changing crash and a comeback story with a difference. SALT LAKE CITY GALA FILM read more

Priceless Brand Marketing

Brands across every vertical are scrambling to make up ground and develop and implement digital marketing strategies. While some brands scored huge early wins and established themselves as digital leaders, most marketers are still searching for how social channels can work for their companies and how they fit with the rest of their media and marketing mix. Yet more often than not, social media is still largely misunderstood, with brands and organisations not yet fully tapping into the wealth of insight, knowledge, and engagement the now not so new channel can provide. read more

Milk Documentary Broadcast in Israel

milk documentary

The Dairy Industry has worked diligently to market cows milk; claiming the white beverage can do an array of things beneficial to human health, from building strong bones to substantial weight loss. Filmmaker Shira Lane uncovers another side to this controversy, highlighting the Federal Trade commission’s correspondence with the dairy industry, refuting a number of the dairy industry claims, and talks with prominent physicians, dieticians and others who strongly disagree with the Dairy industry’s position in the feature documentary ‘Got the facts on Milk? produced by Unleashed Productions and in Association with LeTO Entertainment. read more