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Got the facts on Milk, also known as the Milk Documentary is a feature documentary released in 2011 that questions the conventional wisdom of milk and dairy products. The film was in the making for six years and finally released after first time director, producer Shira Lane raised $54,743 on Kickstarter,  the crowd funded platform. During its festival run, the film won a few awards. We are most proud of the audience award, because to us that is what really matters. This was the first documentary film of Unleashed Productions and since has been producing videos (documentaries and commercials) for conscientious companies.


The Milk Documentary is now available for streaming here

‘Got the facts on Milk?’ is a comical feature documentary that questions the much-publicized health benefits of milk. Film maker Shira Lane takes a road-trip across America to get the truth on the unchallenged perceptions of milk. Addressing myth, truth and all in between, the film becomes a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about this everyday staple. Join the milk documentary crew on a journey to the arbiter of all things health related, the USDA in Washington DC. The mission is to get factual answers to common milk beliefs.  Peeking into milking farms, advertising campaigns, lactose intolerance, cancer, hormones, heart disease, diabetes, milk derivatives, dairy funded school programs and the empowered multi-billion dollar dairy industry, this milk documentary will have you looking at milk in a new light.

Is milk all we have been told it is? Prepare to be surprised by the responses from top-notch scientists, researchers, farmers, and everyday people in this inquisitive feature documentary into a product that is embedded into the very foundation of our culture, nutrition, and lives. You will hear powerful information that may change your life forever.

Apart from producing this feature film we also created a number of videos that supplement the promotion of the film: The film is mentioned in a number of media outlets