The Dairy Industry has worked diligently to market cows milk; claiming the white beverage can do an array of things beneficial to human health, from building strong bones to substantial weight loss. Filmmaker Shira Lane uncovers another side to this controversy, highlighting the Federal Trade commission’s correspondence with the dairy industry, refuting a number of the dairy industry claims, and talks with prominent physicians, dieticians and others who strongly disagree with the Dairy industry’s position in the feature documentary ‘Got the facts on Milk? produced by Unleashed Productions and in Association with LeTO Entertainment.

Looking back in history, advertisers used doctors to promote cigarette smoking. All studies, funded by the tobacco industry, returned favorably and were used heavily in marketing materials. In 1964, a smoking and health report was published by the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the United States. It was based on over 7000 scientific articles that linked tobacco use with cancer and other diseases. This report led to laws requiring warning labels on tobacco products and to restrictions on tobacco advertisements. This seems to have a connection with the Dairy Industry in a way that all studies funded by the dairy industry return favorable to the Dairy Industry, yet independent researchers return with far different results. Got the facts on Milk? gives a voice to those independent researchers, not funded by the dairy industry, who present an adverse side to dairy both in terms of health and environment.

Israels leading broadcasting company acquired the broadcast rights to the film and will be broadcasting the film this week on March 23rd on YES DOCO. DVDs Streaming of the Milk Documentary can be found at and Milk Documentary DVDs are on Amazon.