Impact Investing and Documentary Video Production

Filling the gap between high video production you see in films with stories of impact you see in documentaries. We at Unleashed Productions, want our viewers to get informed and feel compelled to take positive action. Summer 2016, Impact Investors were invited to Williamson West Virginia to work with local leaders to create a sustainable future for the Appalachia area. We created a few short documentary versions of this four day event telling the story from different perspectives.

Community Perspective.

Williamson, West Virginia has been fighting for its survival in the wake of the coal crisis. In the past four years, this small area has lost more than 2,000 jobs, which is over 25% of its workforce. The community has been also battling some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and opioid abuse in the country.

Dr. Donovan Beckett, CEO of Williamson Health and Wellness Center, began a “Culture of Health” in Williamson to initiate a positive change in the town he grew up in. The Center has been nationally recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the White House for it’s stride in health and economic development in the area. Dr. Donovan Beckett’s next step was to scale and expand the programs. He connected with the ‘Impact-Experience’ group to bring a Learning Journey into Williamson.

The Learning Journey, facilitated by Impact Experience, was a 4 day day experience where local leaders and outside impact investors and strategists indulge in deep understanding of the area and the people, to scale and enhance the health and sustainable economic initiatives to more people and surrounding areas. By the end of the four day experience, an economic diversification strategy was developed along with a commitment to action over the coming months.

Unleashed Productions, is proud to produce documentary content and forward positive messages, for incredible companies with incredible missions. Thank you Impact-Experience for fruitful impact in Williamson, West Virginia. Impact Investing and Documentary Video Production together, can go a long way.

What is Impact-Experience and the Learning Journey