Healthiest – a Start-up Product Video

Ditch pharmaceuticals and get natural. Scientifically proven natural remedies work just as good with zero side effects and get shipped straight to your door – This is HEALTHIEST. We at Unleashed Productions believe in a healthier planet which also means a healthier you and partnered with Healthiest to create a start-up product video for their release. Healthiest is creating a way for you to stay healthy by delivering natural healthier remedies straight to your door. Talk about convenience.

This was needed quite quickly and we jumped on all hands on deck.  We drafted a few outlines, created the script, story board, cast and filmed. The whole video production including post production was done within weeks.

Combining a creative agency with a video production company not only resulted in a happier budget but it also ensured video concepts to production are as streamlined as possible for tight deadlines and stay on target for branding goals.

We are extremely proud to partner with Healthiest and look forward to watching them change the word. Unleashed Productions takes pride in working with companies that do good in this world, because our earth needs more warriors protecting it.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures:

BTS healthiest & UP video production IMG_1038

Healthiest & Unleashed Productions BTS video shoot IMG_1037

BTS Healthiest video shoot - Unleashed Productions

Healthiest BTS with Unleashed Productions IMG_1020

Healthiest & Unleashed Productions BTS video shoot IMG

Healthiest BTS video - Unleashed Productions IMG_0993

Healthiest BTS - IMG_0982

Unleashed Productions Healthiest video shoot behind the scenes IMG_0920

Healthiest BTS - IMG_0956

Healthiest - Unleashed Productions IMG_0908