Gaming Industry – E3 video

Monster Cable, now known and just Monster has been working together with EA- Electronic Arts to create the perfect headphone for gamers. This headphone is designed by the one and only Xzibit, who is known to be a huge gamer and decided that gaming headphones need to be perfect. This is the biggest gaming exhibition ever. We created two videos for Docuinc, showing Monster involvement in E3. This first video is Xzibit showing us the floor of E3 2012 in Los Angeles CA and how the headphones are so wicked.

Xzibit tours E3 2012 floor from Unleashed Productions on Vimeo.

This second video gives a sense of the E3 pool party Monster held. Both videos were completed with an under 24 hour turnaround and placed on their website and social media websites. The best tip for social media videos – It is important for marketing to get relevant content available for sharing when events are hot and still happening and make it look super cool. These videos are to give the view the sense that they were with Monster throughout the E3 conference, or at least wish they were.

Monster Maxim Virgin E3 Party from Unleashed Productions on Vimeo.