Lots of things happen in Vegas…Like CES
Monster, that makes Dr Dre. beats and numerous other headphones, DJ equipment and most known for their Monster cables, is every year a large presenter at the CES convention. 2012 was no exception and Monster which is devoted to sound and music wanted a number of videos. DocuInc hired Shira Lane to film and edit these videos. More information on DocuInc can be found here – http://www.docuinc.com/

This video is to show the floor highlights at the CES show, giving something to their fans and followers that didn’t make it to the crazy sin city of Las Vegas. This was shared on their company website and promoted on all their social media outlets. The song is their lead song for the inspiration headphones.

Monster every year also puts on the largest music performance show during CES. This takes a lot of preparation and the behind the scenes is just as entertaining as what goes on stage. Performance of Earth Wind and Fire, Wonder Girls and Chicago were the headliners of 2012. Monster that wants to give a sense of ‘you are part of us’ vibe to their fans and followers enjoyed sharing this video.

These are a few ideas on how to create video content of your sponsorship and company events. For more information on Why this is so important – see this blog post – Sponsorship Video and Why it is important