It is now common trend in advertising or marketing, to create case study videos, geared for social media campaigns. A Case study video promoting a company’s excellent service is needs to be just as amazing as the company’s website. By doing it in video form and making it enjoyable, gives a sense that your company would be enjoyable to work with. Don’t say you are funny – be funny.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Compelling Case Studies – is creating a great case study video that you are proud of and that will be shared. So you can share them with your leads and help make their buying decision a little bit easier. Case studies help your leads envision how your product or service would fit into their lives, and often act as that missing piece that moves them to take purchasing action. They think, “If this person had these results, just imagine what kind of results I could see!”

Take the time to not only collect customer stories but also interview them for a case study video that promote your company or service.
Documentary marketing firm, DOCUinc, wanted to create a video case study of one of their client’s successes using the DOCUinc services. Creating something humorous seemed obvious as the client of our client is a car sales person and we surely don’t want it looking sleazy. Luckily this car salesman was open to a few crazy ideas.