HIVE’s 30 second highlight video in San Francisco

Unleashed Productions produced this 30 second highlight video in San Francisco for Hive, the global community for purpose-driven leaders. The Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 3-day immersive workshop on purpose, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation for leaders held in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Alumni of the program become Hive Global Leaders and enter into a lifelong community of purpose-driven innovators working together on creating a better world while supporting each other in their careers. Over 1500 alumni from 115 countries have come through the Hive Global Leaders Program so far.

The curriculum has been built for mission-driven leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the present. You can download the event flyer here (PDF). Hive is designed to transform your life and transform your leadership so that you can transform the world in community.

Hive provides transformative leadership training, integrating elements of entrepreneurship, purpose, life design, wellness, the arts, authentic relating, rapid prototyping and global systems thinking. On day one we look at what is happening in the world. We look at the Global Grand Challenges, look at how humanity is doing across health, education, economics, happiness, and the environment. On day two we discuss what is happening your life, look at your health and wellness and your financial plan, go through a Designing Your Life Workshop, create your goals, reevaluate your habits, and create your personal one-page plan. Finally, on day three we look at what is happening in your work and learn about authentic leadership and scaling an entrepreneurial organization, cover expansion stage sales and marketing.

The Hive curriculum was designed based on the team’s experiences with the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute, the Harvard Business School MBA program, the Singularity University Executive Program, the Stanford Designing Your Life course, the Art of Living Happiness Program, the Landmark Curriculum for Living, and the work of GoogleX Innovator Tom Chi.

The next Hive Global Leaders Programs is December 8-11 in Los Angeles, California. To apply for the next program use this link to be directed to their website. Apply here.

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