Unleashed Productions was hired by Docuinc to produce this video for the non-profit GameDesk. When doing video production for a nonprofit it is important to consider the positioning of the organization and the tone to which the video will play. GameDesk is a 501(c)3 nonprofit research, development, and outreach organization that seeks to rethink learning through play, making, and interaction. We wanted to keep this playful and show what DreamLab is all about, which is one program from GameDesk that creates the movement for a better-educated world.

GameDesk was created to develop a “next generation” model of education, revolutionizing the way we teach and learn. GameDesk has developed, tested and evaluated next generation game curriculum and software throughout various pilots in schools and community centers in the Los Angeles area. The organization’s focus is to help close the achievement gap and to engage students, particularly those that are low-proficient, in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning. GameDesk embeds STEM content into game-centered projects with a strong focus on fostering students’ sense of purpose, ownership, and personal relevance.

DreamLab was developed as an answer to the consistent question posed by many teachers, parents, and administrators who asked us, “how can I get this into my school?” DreamLab is an in-house and remote training professional development shop devoted to the creation of the playful yet academically rigorous curricula characteristic of GameDesk and the new PlayMaker school. Collaborating with other teachers, DreamLab develops, trains, and often co-creates innovative and experiential high-tech and low-tech “PlayMaking” activities that are relevant to students’ academic and 21st-century skill development. The scholars and developers of the DreamLab team consist of leaders in the worlds of academia, gaming and entertainment and the Maker Movement.

When crafting creative content for non-profits, if it is a commercial or a documentary, find a production company that fully comprehends the feel and tone of the organization. Doing deep dives into organizations, learning about the people and finding out ways that we can help beyond our video production, is priceless to us. We go above and beyond for organizations and non-profits that are doing incredible things. Thank you for everything you do to make this a better world.