KickStarter Campaign Video

This KickStarter campaign is a board game that teaches kids to code Java.  Three amazing high school kids created a non-profit that teaches kids to code for free in libraries and invented this fun game not only to help kids learn to code, but a way to have funding for their non-profit. This board game, called coding farmers, teaches kids 7 and up the fundamentals of Java coding.  All profits of the board game go back to the non-profit to reach out to more kids.

I love producing video content for KickStarter campaigns like these, that care about future generations. I want to congratulate the parents of these kids for being so supportive and creating such fabulous young persons. If you have kids ages 7 and up, or looking for a present for kids-  get this board game and get them started early in coding and the thought process of coding. It is a fun game. Here is a link to their KickStarter campaign video.


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Coding Farmers: The Java Programming Board Game for Kids

codingFarmers is the first ever board game to teach real programming concepts to children as young as 7 years old. This innovative and  ground-breaking game exposes kids to a language used widely by both students and software engineers, the Java Programming language.

Because it was created by kids, for kids, it is an intuitive and fun way to learn programming concepts.

Children play the game with action cards, which describe an action, like “move forward by two spaces” in two ways: regular English, and Java code. By playing the game several times, kids learn to connect their actions with written code. They become programming literate all while having a blast – rolling a dice, maneuvering around obstacles and chatting with their friends and family.